kareem abdul-jabbar

The heated battle over the HBO sports drama just escalated.
The NBA legend's essay gave a Hall of Fame scolding to the Oscar winner for hitting Chris Rock.
In a time of moral panic over critical race theory in schools, “Black Patriots: Heroes of the Civil War” sets the record straight.
The district attorney called Adam Abdul-Jabbar's jail term a "slap on the wrist."
"I don't think they're behaving like good teammates or good citizens," the Hall of Famer said.
Portrayals of Asian characters haven't improved much since Abdul-Jabbar worked with Bruce Lee in the 1960s, he wrote in The Hollywood Reporter.
"If we’re going to be outraged by injustice, let’s be outraged by injustice against anyone," the six-time NBA champion wrote.
Adam Abdul-Jabbar was booked for assault with a deadly weapon.
The NBA legend, who says the martial arts icon was his "friend and teacher," found "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" “disappointing” and “disturbing.”
This "Big Bang Theory" episode promises to be head and shoulders above the rest.