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The "Avengers" star and first-time director says Marvel actresses talk about a women-only superhero film all the time.
It's "obviously crazy," say writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely.
Cosplayer, Eternal Con at the Cradle of Aviation Museum, Photo by Anthony Biondolillo Eternal Con at the Cradle of Aviation
When I was growing up, Asian American men were virtually absent from television and popular culture. And when they were present -- Bruce Lee or Lieutenant Sulu, for example -- they never got the girl.
How frustrating is it when a film has all the stuff it needs -- promising premise, good production values, decent cast, director who can twist filmic reality in imaginative ways -- and just... doesn't ... grab... you?
This past weekend, I found myself vocalizing in a new way something I've inherently known for a long time: Nerd matters. If you are indeed a nerd, this won't be much of a shocker. But if you have someone in your life you suspect might be a nerd, or if you just don't get this stuff, listen up.
Amy Pond is time traveling once again. Karen Gillan, who played the Doctor's companion, Amy Pond on "Doctor Who," released
The very special "NTSF:SD:SUV::" episode filmed in London, titled "U-KO'ed" (Thurs., Sept. 26 at midnight on Adult Swim), is
In "NTSF:SD:SUV::'s" 2-park UK special, Alphonse is captured while infiltrating the Little Britain section of San Diego so the team must join forces with their British counterparts, STSF:UK:DDB (Socialist Terrorism Task Force: United Kingdom, Double Decker Bus) to rescue their teammate and save San Diego from the Evil Brits.
"It's liberating," she said once the jig was up. "I think everyone here should shave their heads." Watch Gillan reveal her
"Doctor Who" -- which is in its seventh season since being rebooted in 2004 -- airs on BBC America. These angels have dirty
The October issue features a fashion shoot of British stars Karen Gillan (of "Dr. Who" fame) and Bonnie Wright (from the