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The "Avengers" star and first-time director says Marvel actresses talk about a women-only superhero film all the time.
It's "obviously crazy," say writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely.
Cosplay designer Derrick Nova and his team/models, www.superheroesunlimited.com, Eternal Con at the Cradle of Aviation Museum
When I was growing up, Asian American men were virtually absent from television and popular culture. And when they were present -- Bruce Lee or Lieutenant Sulu, for example -- they never got the girl.
How frustrating is it when a film has all the stuff it needs -- promising premise, good production values, decent cast, director who can twist filmic reality in imaginative ways -- and just... doesn't ... grab... you?
This past weekend, I found myself vocalizing in a new way something I've inherently known for a long time: Nerd matters. If you are indeed a nerd, this won't be much of a shocker. But if you have someone in your life you suspect might be a nerd, or if you just don't get this stuff, listen up.
Amy Pond is time traveling once again. Karen Gillan, who played the Doctor's companion, Amy Pond on "Doctor Who," released
"NTSF:SD:SUV::'s" British movie event airs Thurs., Sept. 26 at midnight on Adult Swim. We've seen the whole "movie event
In "NTSF:SD:SUV::'s" 2-park UK special, Alphonse is captured while infiltrating the Little Britain section of San Diego so the team must join forces with their British counterparts, STSF:UK:DDB (Socialist Terrorism Task Force: United Kingdom, Double Decker Bus) to rescue their teammate and save San Diego from the Evil Brits.