Karen Handel

McBath, a Democrat, defeated Republican incumbent Karen Handel, who famously beat Ossoff in last year’s special election.
McBath, whose son was shot dead in 2012, will face GOP Rep. Karen Handel in November.
Presiding officer Karen Handel told him to cut the audio on the grounds of "breach of decorum."
Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) remained steadfast on the House floor while playing heart-wrenching audio of detained children separated from their parents, despite fierce opposition from Rep. Karen Handel (R-GA).
McBath, whose son was shot dead in 2012, will be facing businessman Kevin Abel in a Democratic primary runoff on July 24.
Amid an inquiry into a wiped election server, Georgia's chief election official said there is no evidence to support the suggestion.
There were special elections held on Tuesday in South Carolina and Georgia.  The race in South Carolina went to the Republican
Having more women in Congress is great, but Karen Handel isn't pro-women.