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The return of “Will & Grace” featured endless jabs at President Trump and his policies.
Walker Buehler was a key contributor to Vanderbilt's national championship baseball team last year. According to the Vanderbilt Hustler, Vanderbilt's student newspaper, Buehler is listed as high as the second best overall prospect in the upcoming Major League Baseball draft.
The runways at New York Fashion Week were chock full of 1970s-inspired looks . To complement the sequin gowns, chunky tweed
HPS: Did you receive any modeling advice? T: Yes, Karlie Kloss is a friend. She sat me down and taught me how to turn it
One year a dear friend gave me a series of very personal, thought-out gifts over a period of one week before Christmas Day
Something that works in one community may have to be implemented in a different way in another. Something could completely succeed in one place, but fall flat in another. Yet, at the end of the day, the problems are often -- on a large scale -- the same from community to community. Issues like obesity, diabetes, food environment -- they are not unique to any one area or group.
HuffPost Entertainment discussed the movie with Mullally by phone while she was at Los Angeles International Airport, snagging
While art is often said to mirror life, what about those uncanny incidents in which a prescient artist foreshadows real-life events? What about major disasters that appear in fictional form years before shocking the world in real time?
From Refinery29: For 2012, we're going to gaze into that crystal ball once more and make our predictions for what the upcoming