As far as Jon Stewart is concerned, establishment Republicans like Karl Rove and John McCain have no right to complain about
Rove wrote in an op-ed published Thursday in the Wall Street Journal that the Republican Party should avoid candidates who
The letter cites an analysis by the Sunlight Foundation that calculated the return on investment of the more than $100 million
"The last time I checked, the Politburo was the ruling body of the Soviet Communist party and oversaw the extermination of
"The image was a mistake which was never approved by TPP,” Cunningham told Politico. “In an email sent under the banner of
Rove slammed Trump on Fox News in 2011, before Trump bowed out as a moderator for the Republican presidential debates. Rove
A group of conservative activists wrote a letter on Wednesday calling for the firing of Jonathan Collegio, the spokesman
Alicia Menendez and Zach Carter discuss how Karl Rove has angered the Tea Party.
Leaders of the anti-tax Tea Party are fuming about plans by some Republican strategists, including Karl Rove, to tap the
American Crossroads, a super PAC backed by GOP strategist Karl Rove, has launched a new effort to combat the recent trend
Continuing, Rove further praised the movement. "These are not people who are skilled in the ways of Washington. They don't
In an interview with Der Spiegel, Rove said that the Tea Party movement is "not sophisticated" and contrasted it with the
Read Der Spiegel's whole interview with Karl Rove here. The Tea Party's apparent shortage of sophistication and far-right
"I would not be surprised to see turnout over 90 million in this election," Rove told reporters in Savannah, where he spoke