Practicing Generosity The karmic rewards of giving are considered to be a more preliminary reason for the practice, but nonetheless
Our modern scientific age has hardly begun to even scratch the surface of karmic principles. Yet our inner intuitive sense
Before yoga, it had been quite some time since I was properly aligned. But the practice has worked. It's connected me to
I have always been a giver. A nurturer. A big believer in the whole, "sharing is caring" mentality. So when I decided I wanted to be my own boss, start my own business, and make my own money, the first area in which I struggled was with having to focus on myself, and myself alone, in order to get ahead in business.
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Growing up, what the teachers and my mother used to say was, "Treat others the way you want to be treated." It was a worn-down saying, the proclaimed "Golden Rule" that encouraged us kids to regard each other with kindness rather than nastiness.
See beyond the season. Don't look at a budding relationship as a temporary fling, because you will turn it into that. Your
Not being able to remember our past lives means that we don't understand reincarnation and therefore don't see it mentioned
There are texts in the Bible that make much more sense if we apply the principle of repeated lives. I know that many people find the concept of repeated lives on earth difficult to understand. We can bounce around with reactions or we can embrace our experiences.