The eight-legged squatter was filmed calmly crawling out after being exposed with a light.
India’s devadasi system, which “dedicates” girls to deities and to a life of sex work in the name of religion, was banned nationwide back in 1988.
"No, uncle," he said. (All older men are addressed uncle in this part of the world.) "It's really boring here." I asked people
Sculpted muscles rippling, Syed grunted in the balmy air and pulled his body above the bar for the tenth time. He dropped to the floor with a small thud, and looked over.
The 77-year-old academic had received death threats after he criticized idol worship.
While Kerala is renowned for its backwaters and the houseboats that cruise them, the terrain of its mountainous Western Ghats on the southern tip of the Deccan Plateau is spectacular too. Tangled jungle, intimate valleys and exposed ridges are interspersed with plantations and palm trees, and of course give shelter to a wide variety of animals.
The leopard was waiting for us. As the jeep rumbled closer, the big cat rippled to his feet, loped across the front of the vehicle and ambled into the bushes. The spotted beast didn't return, but none of us on board will ever forget him.
In the tiny Indian village of Shravanabelagola, there was something wonderful this past weekend. Wheat-pasted to every surface -- crumbling walls and old wooden shop doors -- amazingly bizarre posters for the Jumbo Circus.
It would be a hoot and a half if anyone in Hollywood lost their job over allegations of infidelity. By most estimates, Tinseltown would become a ghost town. Too bad thirty year old Nikita Thukral is based in India, then.
Ties to Ganesha run deep in Hindu families where he is often viewed as a member of the household.