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She said she plans to post a video explanation as to why she ended the friendship.
It’s a game changer for the makeup-loving animal enthusiasts among us.
The Makeup Show is the Met Gala of makeup artistry. This is the event where makeup artists come once a year to see who and what's hot. The following slide show is a collaboration between Karim Orange and Jazz Girard, (mother and daughter blog team). We hope you enjoy!
Here's the deal: Saying "underage" isn't bad. Pairing the word "underage" with something as innocuous as a lipstick color doesn't make it vile. It doesn't imply anything awful or illegal.
That's why it shouldn't be a surprise that her makeup collections, exclusively sold at Sephora, do so well -- and they're
I don't wear Sephora makeup. And as Mom of special needs kids - and friend to many people whose children have Down Syndrome, I wouldn't put this lipstick on a pig.
Shakira Born in Rio de Janeiro to an actress mother and broadcast news coordinator father, Morena Baccarin’s style is special
"I really want to hold on to the idea of true and noble love and not give up on what that is," she tells Ru. "I think it's
Kat also discusses her passion for music and how she has no anger towards her past relationships. Music is a big part of
To be fair, Kat has an advantage: Stylophane fails to note in its data table that the Kat Von D's Facebook page is her official