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She said she plans to post a video explanation as to why she ended the friendship.
It’s a game changer for the makeup-loving animal enthusiasts among us.
The Makeup Show is the Met Gala of makeup artistry. This is the event where makeup artists come once a year to see who and what's hot. The following slide show is a collaboration between Karim Orange and Jazz Girard, (mother and daughter blog team). We hope you enjoy!
Here's the deal: Saying "underage" isn't bad. Pairing the word "underage" with something as innocuous as a lipstick color doesn't make it vile. It doesn't imply anything awful or illegal.
Von D doesn't often give advice to others, but when she does, she has a super trick up her (tattooed) sleeve. "Personally
I don't wear Sephora makeup. And as Mom of special needs kids - and friend to many people whose children have Down Syndrome, I wouldn't put this lipstick on a pig.
From the fun to the absurd, Latina celebs have a style all their own. Who did we miss? Anyone else have an edgy style that
Check out the rest of the "RuPaul Drives" episode above to hear Kat discuss her post-breakup life, her relationship with
Tattoo maven Kat Von D is going to be on the cover of the November issue of Latina Magazine. “I get a bad rep for being constantly
Putting faces to brands: But regardless of how the fans got there, Kat undoubtedly has a major platform from which to hawk
Miley Cyrus has added more ink to the canvas that is her body. On Sunday, the 20-year-old singer was spotted leaving celebrity
Seemingly a direct reply to Von D's Twitter announcement, Zimmerman tried to put the kibosh on the issue, stating, "I don't
There are lots of ways to measure the health of the housing market: the number of sales, number of listings, days on the
Former “L.A. Ink” reality TV star Kat Von D hopes to sell her Gothic castle-style home (what, were you envisioning her in
What's the only thing more embarrassing than a wardrobe malfunction? Showing up in the same outfit at someone else, of course
Von D was previously engaged to Jesse James. Von D and Deadmau5 will marry in an "underwater-themed" wedding on Aug. 10 in
It will take "anywhere from five to 15 laser sessions, with eight weeks of healing time in between" for Kat Von D to remove her tattoo of Jesse James' face. That sounds about right, because when you date a bad boy, it will take just as long or maybe longer to get him out of your heart...