On Thursday she made her first public solo appearance since giving birth to Princess Charlotte.
The list of delightful ingredients in the Encores! Series revival of The Band Wagon is so long that not only is it pleasing the crowds attending at City Center, but it has the usual show-biz-insider suspects talking about a transfer for a longer Broadway run.
Kiss me, Kate is classic Cole Porter! Originally premiering in 1948, the musical won five Tony awards and undoubtedly was the show that propelled Cole Porter into the spotlight.
The guitar skills needed to cover a Slayer song like "War Ensemble" are pretty significant to say the least. That's why this
Three years later, the fervent interest continues with the couple who will one day be King and Queen.
Shanell Mouland joins Caitlyn to discuss her blog post, "Dear 'Daddy' In Seat 16C"