kate beckinsale

The "Aquaman" star talked about their rumored romance at a film premiere.
“It’s no good to me,” said the “Underworld” star.
The actor, Prince Harry and Prince William all lost beloved parents at a young age.
The actor recalled facing the now-disgraced movie mogul’s wrath for not wearing a tight dress at the premiere of her 2001 film “Serendipity.”
The actor has two daughters, Lily and Lyra.
The “Deadpool” star joked that his likeness to the British actor is something he’s heard about for “a long time.”
The "Farming" star explained her bendy self to doubters and host Jimmy Fallon.
The "Underworld" star offered an amusing glimpse into her family life with a blow-by-blow text exchange.
The owner of the Stress Factory Comedy Club reportedly mentioned the "SNL" star's former flames, Ariana Grande and Kate Beckinsale.
"It’s sticky and wet. It’s a poo! It’s a huge poo!"