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Plus, what it was like to walk the "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" red carpet with Britney Spears and become a popular GIF thanks to "The Other Two."
Except maybe Romelu Lukaku's World Cup showing.
Kate Berlant wanted to be Jim Carrey. Now, as an absurdist stand-up breaking into film and TV, she'll settle for "feminist icon."
The politically-charged entertainers discuss their new Vimeo series.
Welcome to the absurd, surreal, New Age-y, feminist, musical, Twitter-filled world of Kate Berlant.
With the boom in self-released, Netflix and HBO comedy specials, it sometimes seems there's too much of a glut of comedians unveiling their new shows. LIke the comedy club craze of the 1980s, it's leading to plenty of entertainment options for comedy fans -- but hardly all of the work is first-rate or particularly original.
The second show at the Eagle's Lodge was my first show in the festival! I was so incredibly nervous to be performing with people I really respect like the brilliantly clever Myq Kaplan and the charismatic Alex Koll.