kate bornstein

The "Straight White Men" star had choice words after an audience member shouted at Bornstein during a performance.
The transgender movement is now a powerful cultural force, but there are trans elders who have led the way for the recognition
"Trans is not mean to anybody. Queering up your sexuality isn’t mean to anybody."
Caitlyn has done her homework. While exulting in the freedom to finally have her outward appearance reflect the woman who has lived within and to do so with the tremendous resources she has as a Hollywood star, Caitlyn so far, lives up to the responsibility.
Kate Bornstein is a Queer and Pleasant Danger does what a lot of films have not yet done: Shine a light on the life of a pioneer transgender activist and artist, without shying away from the nuances that makes Kate Bornstein the quirky, colorful, brilliant person she is.
This year has seen a steady stream of trans-focused independent documentaries illuminating how nuanced, flawed, individualistic, and human trans lives are. I spoke via email with several filmmakers to learn how they worked toward capturing rich portraits of trans folks.
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Throughout her career Kate Bornstein has worked tirelessly to investigate -- and explode -- as many labels as she can. For