kate brown

Incoming Oregon county commissioner Tootie Smith got backlash for her "selfish" defiance of Gov. Kate Brown's new COVID-19 safety restrictions.
Oregon Gov. Kate Brown ordered a two-week “freeze” starting Wednesday.
Thousands were evacuated as destructive fires prompted the governor to declare emergencies in some parts of the state.
Kate Brown said the Trump administration's decision to pull 2020 census takers out of the field sooner will leave communities of color behind.
President Trump and Gov. Kate Brown clashed again after she announced a "phased withdrawal" of federal agents from Portland.
Oregon Gov. Kate Brown said the departure will be "phased."
Sen. Ron Wyden is demanding to know what constitutional authority the Department of Homeland Security has to snatch protesters off the streets.
A rural judge on Monday granted a preliminary injunction on Gov. Kate Brown's emergency coronavirus restrictions, but the higher court later stayed his decision.
The lawsuit, brought by a group of churches, took issue with Gov. Kate Brown’s social-distancing directives.
Gov. Kate Brown was "horrified" that Wisconsin voters had to risk getting COVID-19 to vote and wants to help other states avoid this in November.