kate del castillo

This week on Latino USA, it’s all about fighters. Standing up for what you believe in, and finding the strength to get back
On the evening of January 9, 2012, the Mexican actress Kate del Castillo poured a glass of wine, sat down at her computer
As to the accusation that Mr. Penn and Ms. del Castillo were responsible for the capture of El Chapo. This is el colmo in hypocrisy! In one breath, Mr. Penn is being criticized for meeting with a drug lord, and not using his meeting to set up a sting operation.
I believe the reaction of the press to Mr. Penn's article -- character assassinations, rather than exposure of the hypocrisy and fiasco that has been the "War on Drug" -- is a sad testament to the lack of integrity and freedom of the press in the USA.
“It creates a focus on a Hollywood melodrama that does not advance us."
Sean Penn called the Mexican actress his "ticket to El Chapo's trust."
Jennie Urman opened up about Jane's journey with motherhood and a wedding. Plus, how she'll handle the character losing her virginity.
At a special "People en Español" luncheon, La Reina del Sur became very vocal about the epidemic of sex slavery. And if that
These celebrities aren't pretending and this is not make believe. This is 10 laps of 1.97 miles each at 100-mile-per-hour plus speeds. It's fast, and things can go wrong.
The actress also made headlines this week after rumors of an alleged romantic relationship between her and Los Angeles Mayor