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The newspaper deleted a tweet saying an alleged act of sexual misconduct by the future Supreme Court justice "may seem like harmless fun."
The American Petroleum Institute (API) successfully lobbied for an end to the 40-year ban on exporting U.S.-produced crude oil in part by making a geopolitical argument: Iran and Russia have the ability to export their oil, so why not unleash America?
While mainstream feminism seems desperate to have in its fold a 19-year-old reality television star who is famous in no small part because her older sister's sex tape went viral, mainstream feminism rejects empowered women of faith.
When I was excommunicated from the Mormon church just over a year ago, I was widely quoted as saying, “Don’t leave. Stay
They were hopeful and, they conceded, naive. Since then, the couple have stopped attending and when the faith’s governing
She pulled aside her yellow cardigan to show her sleeveless dress. Excommunicated Mormons are told to stop wearing LDS temple
March marks Women's History Month, a time to celebrate and critically assess the ways in which women's rights have and have
The Mormon Church is more aggressively signaling to its members what is and is not acceptable behavior for members who wish to remain in good standing. The actions of Kelly and now Dehlin, apparently, are being defined by church leaders as beyond the boundaries of what is expected of loyal members in good standing.
In addition to the charges listed in the letter, Dehlin claims he’s being targeted for expressing public support for same
Dehlin has featured a wide swath of voices and opinions on his podcast, Riess said. He’s had a number of prominent LDS scholars