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British designer Christine Kendall first brought up the allegations in 2013.
If a dress doesn't have its own Wikipedia page, did it ever exist?
It's OK, we didn't know either. Take the rest of our Fashion Quiz!
Dear Wedding Dress, It's been a while. I'm sorry I've neglected you over the past nine years since our one glorious night. I'm here because I have something to say to you: I wish I'd never bought you.
During last week's Wikimania 2012 conference, the annual Wikimedia get together, co-founder Jimmy Wales explained the controversy
The day of the royal wedding, a Wikipedia article about the dress was flagged for deletion. This prompted an energetic debate
A year ago we watched the wedding of the decade when Kate Middleton married Prince William in a custom Alexander McQueen
See some other royal weddings from last year below, and click here for more royal wedding anniversary coverage! The Catering
Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person in the world who wasn't bowled over by Kate Middleton's (sorry, the Duchess of Cambridge's) long sleeved wedding dress! Nor was I all that impressed with her hair (reports that it took two sessions, the second of which was 4 hours long just baffle me!).
It just might be. The Design Museum, London's innovative center for design exhibitions and education, has released its nominees
A year ago at this time, Kate Middleton had just lept onto our fashion radar. She finally ditched the "Waity-Katie" moniker
PHOTOS: Now, Kate Middleton's famous Royal Wedding dress has been redesigned to fit a dog. It's been a museum exhibit, shrunk
Six months after Kate Middleton married Prince William, her wedding dress is to yield a windfall for the couple’s charities
"That won't happen," she emphasized. "Not unless the undergarments are balloons as well." Now Levett's career is blowing
The Duchess of Cambridge's wedding gown, earrings and even the cake will be on display beginning this weekend in Buckingham
The announcement comes after weeks of speculation as to where the dress would first go on display -- the Victoria & Albert
You'll be able to find all three at the Fifth Avenue flagship, New Jersey stores and on LordandTaylor.com. Racked adds that
So duplicitous, those royal designers. So how did Team Royal Wedding prevent the fashion Twittersphere and Julian Assange