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The cast of the hit Netflix prison series delivered the verdict on Twitter.
She went where no woman -- or mother -- has gone before.
I decided that I wanted to hand out my very own Emmy Awards today and thanks to a slight typographical error when first writing this piece I decided they would be called The Memy Awards -- my picks for performances and series that warranted being singled out for recognition.
I have come to realize that Kate Mulgrew's contrasting roles represent all that is wrong with climate change policy in the United States. It is clear that we need to find ways to bridge the divide between the Reds and Janeways of the world in order to find compromises that make sense for our current political landscape.
With Star Trek, one's generation is no obstacle. Neither is gender, neither is race, neither is anything.
Time. You've got time. In the Netflix show Orange Is The New Black time is pretty much the only thing that is on the characters' side, because as Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) learned in season one, it's about all you can count on.
Congratulations! This is so exciting! It's fun isn't it? It's great! One doesn't get a nomination for an Emmy every day. I
The one with the visual aid -- I’ve never shot anything where I was laughing so hard I didn’t know if I’d be able to get
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"I'd already lived a pretty full life by 25, but I would say to a 25-year-old young woman now... be brave. And strictly when
The interview below has been edited and condensed, but you can listen to the entire conversation with Kate Mulgrew in the
Orange Is the New Black will tug at your heartstrings, make you feel like you're going crazy, laugh, cry, and yearn for more. Savor every minute of this truly touching, passionate and graceful program.
It's not easy being in prison. But it could be fun if you're an actress in Netflix's new original series, Orange is the New Black!
The entertaining prison drama "Orange Is the New Black" manages to be both subversive and serious, both sweet and viciously barbed.
"The scripts are amazing and the directors are amazing," Cox gushed. In the comedic drama about a federal women's prison