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WATCH: Check out Kate Upton's video for Gillette's Fusion ProGlide Styler and tell us what you think! Kate Upton definitely
High school senior Jake Davidson uploaded an endearing video requesting that Kate Upton join him for his school's prom this May. Community members Harsha Nahata, CK Ballatore and Tim Reynolds join Mike to discuss.
Every young girl dreams about getting asked out to prom in a romantic yet clever way, right? Does that include Kate Upton
She also let us in on this secret: In case you hadn't heard, Kate Upton landed herself the July 2012 cover of GQ, for which
But the Daily Mail reported that the video, which was posted on Monday, might have been a little too ... jiggly? for YouTube
It's a sexy clip, obviously: Upton's a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, and her previous viral videos have included bikinis
The minute-long video, which is (just barely) safe for work, was posted to Richardson's YouTube channel, TerryRichardsonTV
Kate Upton is not afraid to play with the boys -- in 5 1/2 inch heels, no less. The swimsuit model stopped by FOX and worked