katharina grosse

Katharina Grosse, Rockaway!, site-specific installation. Courtesy the artist and MoMA PS1. Photo: Pablo Enriquez. Calder
Four years after Superstorm Sandy, Berlin-based artist Katharina Grosse is reminding us that the damage to New York's Rockaway Beach is still very real.
Every minute you spend waiting for the check in an overpriced Miami Beach restaurant, or standing in line for a subpar Cuban sandwich, or waving down a bartender for an $11 can of beer, or, well, sleeping in your hotel, is time you're not spending with the art that you came to Miami for in the first place.
The Venice Biennale is built on paradox and contradiction: against the grain of globalization, the Biennale follows a model of representation by nation-states, and its non-commercial structure is undermined by the extravagant cost of mounting an exhibition there.
Wolfgang Laib. Passageway, 2013. 7 brass ships, rice; 18 x 128 x 102 inches overall. Installation view: Sperone Westwater
Photo by Steve Weinik Grosse is known for her intensely abstract environments, oozing lush colors of the most vibrant degree
(From: MASS MoCA) WHY: Exhibition Spotlight is an at-a-glance look at an exhibit we think you should check out. WHO: Katharina
It always struck me as odd that people couldn't see exhibitions on their day off. For the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend, I want to present you with a whole spread of delicious art exhibitions.