Katharine McPhee

The singer, 36, and legendary music producer, 70, tied the knot last year.
The singer revealed their "beautiful" connection and also talked about her ties with Meghan Markle.
The "Waitress" star tweeted the honeymooners' location to a “pack of paps stalking” her in Europe.
The couple tied the knot in an intimate ceremony with friends and family in London.
McPhee, 34, and Foster, 69, got engaged last year.
In a push to get people to register for November's midterms, who knew a burn from 2006 could be so clever?
The couple publicly announced their engagement earlier this month.
The news comes just days after McPhee apologized to fans for missing performances of the Broadway show “Waitress” due to a “family emergency.”
Katharine McPhee's divorce from ex-husband Nick Cokas may have been messy, but the two seem friendlier than ever. They were spotted getting breakfast together last week, and Nick even caressed her face during the meal.
Soon-to-be divorcée Katharine McPhee did a little advertising on the beach in Cabo this weekend. Read more on www.tmz.com
It looks like there won't be a happy ending for Katharine McPhee and Nick Cokas, after all.
It looks like there won't be a happy ending for Katharine McPhee and Nick Cokas, after all. "After six years of marriage
Photo Credit: Emma Pratte/Center On The Aisle Jennifer Lewis ("What's Love Got to Do With It," "Hairspray," "Black Don't
Although it was reported that McPhee and her husband Cokas -- who is 18 years her senior -- were separated and were living
Katharine McPhee's husband took his flea bag for a walk Monday -- his dogs were there too. It's been nearly 5 months since
McPhee, 29, is also married, but the photos of her making out with Morris aren't likely to do any more damage to her marriage
Neither McPhee nor Morris has commented since the publication of their very public make out session on Tuesday, but when
Katharine McPhee is dating her former "Smash" director Michael Morris, TMZ has learned ... and they're even making out in