Kathleen Hall Jamieson

#MeToo and photos of an ex-wife’s bruised eye forced Trump’s staff to back away from original explanations – and shredded the president’s credibility even further.
Let stations know that the poison they're pouring into our political bloodstream has to stop, and so does their obstinate refusal to keep us from knowing who's paying for it.
Political communications expert Kathleen Hall Jamieson offers positive reviews of the Republican debates and some Fox News coverage, how audience participation at a debate distorts its purpose and what local citizens can do to fight back against deceptive campaign advertising.
Adding women to the workforce won't change much, but when we add them to corporate boardrooms and executive suites, anchor desks and political office, a change of attitude will inevitably follow.
Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert pass themselves off as comedians, but they are really the most influential satirists of the day: they inform and illuminate through ridicule.
With the system "destabilized" by technology and the Internet challenging how we get information, how do you bring attention to coded language on gender, race, and age?