The two blasts in Kathmandu may have been the work of a splinter group of former Maoist rebels, according to police.
The couple had been missing for weeks after trekking in to the mountains in early March.
Lou Ann Merrell and her step grandson have been missing since April 19.
A group of parasitic and bacterial diseases, NTDs affect the world’s poorest people and cause substantial illness for more
Around 9am on Sunday, March 6, my childhood friend Jennifer, who joined us on this trip, walked over to our place.
Last year, the massive earthquake destroyed some heritages, temples and ancient places in Nepal. More than 700 monuments in Kathmandu and its environs were damaged in the quake. But that earthquake couldn't damage natural and ancient beauty of Nepal.
Adolescent girls in developing countries miss schools for at least five days every month -- 60 days in a year during their menstrual cycle due to the lack of access to sanitary napkins and unhygienic conditions at schools. Many of them fall behind in their classes.
I first came across the "Share The Word" project in Kathmandu's largest slum. Narrow crooked alleys and crumbling shacks
A new, life-and-death definition was brought home to Nepal on 25th April 2015. That's when a 7.8 magnitude earthquake that killed more than 8,500 Nepalese, and left an estimated 2.5 million others displaced.
There's something comforting about rituals. Pasang Tsaga knows this very well. Every time she opens the Jewels of Buddha, she lifts the gate, lights the incense and turns on the meditative chanting music.
The fingernails on Jamuna Gurung's hardy hands are just the right length: Short enough to do work, long enough to be stylish.
Before Nepal became a secular republic, its kings were believed to be reincarnations of the god Vishnu.
Types of disease treated: Blood Pressure, Dizziness, Diarrhea, Rash, Broken Eardrum, Gastric, Infections, Allergy, Chest
In the months and years ahead, stress could damage individuals and families. When an earthquake wipes hometowns off maps, psychosocial care is critical and is always part of a long-term, comprehensive response.
Friday night I landed in Kathmandu. In baggage claim, an officer told me most of the dead are old people or women. I asked, 'Why?' Because the first earthquake was on a Saturday.
After almost 15 hours in flight from LAX to Hong Kong, my legs are starting to stiffen up and can't wait to arrive. I still have two more flights to go before landing in Kathmandu. It's hard to imagine the chaos that has taken place since the earthquake.