Kathryn Steinle

The attorney general and the president have an agenda, and being clear about the law doesn't serve it.
The city wouldn't let pundits dictate its policy, one supervisor said.
The truth is that anti-immigrant groups are less concerned about public safety and more concerned with reducing overall levels of immigration, particularly people of color.
“In the long run, we have to stop these knuckleheads on the Hill from doing what they're doing."
If we hope to prevent violent crime in the US, we cannot constantly blame our problems on newcomers to our nation.
Instead of pandering and trying to connect the murder to a lack of "comprehensive immigration reform," it would be fitting if Ms. Harris would accept the simple truth that Lopez-Sanchez should not have been in the US -- and then try to figure out solutions to avoid any more senseless murders.
Rather than simply asking for black votes in October 2016 after having taken them for granted up to that point, Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders will possess the credibility that comes with having earned those votes. At that point -- if not a lot earlier -- the Democratic Party and its nominee will need to thank #BlackLivesMatter.
Sanctuary policies did not kill Kathryn Steinle. In the wake of tragedies like this, we must resist fear-mongering and call out blatant attempts by politicians to veil their racism as outrage for electoral gain.
The bill was one of many aimed at ending so-called sanctuary cities.
As we mourn with and pray for the Steinle family, let us also channel our grief by uniting around solutions that can prevent incidents like this from happening again.
Even though lawmakers don't even agree on what a "sanctuary city" is.
Among those testifying was Jim Steinle, whose daughter was fatally shot in a high-profile case earlier this month.