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So when they elbow their way in, we have to be glad. Which is a way of saying we have to be glad that Misery has arrived
We finally know who will be checking into the "American Horror Story: Hotel" next season. Actors from both "American Horror
One of Hollywood's most respected character actors, Bates has been able to achieve success in an industry that is notoriously biased against certain age groups and image types. In this clip, she shares when she learned to develop tough skin in order to deal with what can often be an insensitive business.
Kathy Bates is officially back for her third season of "American Horror Story." Ryan Murphy announced the news of Bates' return
Now, with Mommy, the easy-on-the-eyes filmmaker has been catapulted in to the top ranks of world directors -- up there with Almodovar, François Ozon and Paul Thomas Anderson.
Alfred Hitchcock knew instinctively what American Horror Story has never understood, that implication is everything.
If Emmys were awarded to actors for playing the most bizarre characters on TV, then Naomi Grossman would surely have to clear a space on the mantle.
Boychoir, a new feel-good, but very real and inspirational drama that screens at the Windsor International Film Festival, serves up both music and a story that is, well, transcendental.
The freak show is getting nearer, and we finally have a good look at its wild cast of characters. In new cast photos for
What's that you say? You're still not excited and creeped out? No worries, there's also a brand new teaser to give you another
The actress, who's already shot her part for the premiere episode, revealed why filming the show keeps her up at night. “After
On her experience attending a gay wedding: "It was a male gay couple and they must've been in their '70s. They had been together
'll try to refrain from emphasizing my annoyance that all the witches are finally showing their powers and being badass -- when we only have one episode of "American Horror Story: Coven" left. Because you know what? This episode wasn't that bad, compared to the motley jambalaya that most of the other episodes have been.
I hope you wanted more of Kathy Bates' character, Delphine LaLaurie, because that's what you get this week. But as with most "American Horror Story" episodes, it's never just a simple line to the end. Nope, this week's tale is all over the place, doused in blood.
No word yet on when Bates' episode will air. On the Melissa McCarthy sitcom, Bates will play "Kay McKinnon, a well-traveled
Ryan Murphy spilled the deathly details to EW on who we can expect to see again in the remaining three (ONLY THREE!) episodes
Is Joan coming back? While we’d love to see Patti Lupone and Stevie Nicks in a sing-off -- entertainment during the Seven
For this midseason/holiday finale of "American Horror Story: Coven," we've come full circle. While we've seen our share of messed-up mother/daughter relationships, tonight we got to see some father influence. It's an eye-popping good time.