Kathy Hochul

Even though Hochul was listed separately on the ballot in the primary, Weingarten acknowledged in her September 8, 2014, robocall that she was performing the call on behalf of the Democratic Party -- and the Democratic Party considered Hochul to complete the Cuomo re-election ticket.
The New York Times endorsed Wu for lieutenant governor in late August, after notably refusing to endorse Cuomo for governor
The Times endorsed Tim Wu, a Columbia University law professor, over Kathy Hochul, a former congresswoman who is running
Current Lt. Gov. Robert Duffy opted to not run for reelection, citing back problems and a hectic schedule. Cuomo and Hochul
"These are people who put on the uniform to protect our country and to make us safer sleeping at night, the least we can
The mailer reads: A copy of the mailer sent to voters in the 42nd District in Grand Forks can be seen here. The mailer was
Collins and Hochul both said that they would not vote for the Ryan budget. Collins said the budget plan is off the table
Any skeptic doubting just how important the congressional race between Chris Collins and Rep. Kathleen C. Hochul looms in
The Buffalo News reported that most voters in the district would prefer a Republican-controlled Congress. Siena College poll
If the Republicans' fears are true, could it mean Democrats have a much better chance at taking the House back in the upcoming elections? To put it another way, will we see "Speaker Nancy Pelosi" again next year?