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“The word ‘Christian’ has been stolen in 2017 in America by the Christian right.”
Given that Kenny Ortega made a fortune for the Mouse a decade ago when he directed High School Musical... Well, it only makes sense that -- as a reward -- Mickey would offer Kenny the Magic Kingdom's crown jewels.
Sixteen months ago as I was walking across the Wesleyan campus on a college tour with my daughter, my iPhone buzzed. I had told myself I would not be taking business calls on this trip. But this was different.
UPDATE: Najimy responded with the following statement: "I have read Bette's quote and I agree. The outpouring of love from
"Y'all been to the North Pole? So have I -- I been on the pole," Tyler Perry cracks as he gyrates like a stripper while dressed
Ever wonder what the faces behind the voices of your favorite animated TV characters look like? Below, see the people who
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Actress Kathy Najimy, beloved for her turns in "Sister Act" and "Hocus Pocus," recently discussed her longtime lesbian, gay
"The Good Wife" is rolling out the welcome mat for returning guest stars in Season 4. According to TV Guide, Dallas Roberts
In his new play Heresy, at the Flea Theater, A.R. Gurney has taken aim with a modern-day parody of the biblical story of Jesus Christ, but he never quite hits the bull's-eye.
At a time when the music industry has lost some of its greatest talents, and joyful noise is often traded for the salacious, an unexpected bright spot is burning red-hot in the name of all things Zumba.
I wondered what must it be like to have devoted your entire adult life to a cause continually under fire. And I wondered how she remains optimistic in spite of recent challenges to her life's work.
Welcome to the latest session of We Sing Your Tweets! The superstar musical duo Kevyn Smith and Jeremy Johnson, who put 140
Here's what my merry Christmas contingent had to say about their favorite memories. Enjoy!
This inspiring book features luminous portraits of celebrated artists and their personal thoughts about what the arts mean