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"If true, Matt had engaged in the very practice he'd defended me from," the former congresswoman and revenge porn victim wrote for Vanity Fair.
The party has tried to turn the race into a referendum on Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, but other factors have the GOP in the lead.
Rep. Katie Hill (D-Calif.) delivers her final floor speech in Congress before resigning. Hill announced her resignation amid an ethics probe into accusations of a relationship with a congressional staffer.
David Brayton, an Air Force veteran, once posted, "Hear me Islam, I will slaughter you with your own knife."
Noah Michelson joins Abby to talk about a trans couple who are holding off on marriage until gender confirmation surgery takes place.
Noah Michelson joins Abby to talk about the trans narrative on Netflix's "Orange Is The New Black".
A pair of teenagers from Oklahoma might seem like your typical young couple, but their love story is unlike many others. The