Katie Hill politician

Hill, who resigned last year, argues in the lawsuit that the Daily Mail and RedState don't have the right to “sexually degrade" public officials.
People purporting to be former staffers on Hill's Twitter account said the former Congress member "can be both a victim and a perpetrator."
Republican defense industry executive Mike Garcia prevailed in California's 25th District, defeating Democratic state assembly member Christy Smith.
Smith, who was Hill's chosen successor, trounced Cenk Uygur, a controversial progressive news host who ran a primary challenge from the left.
California Democrats were supporting Hill's anointed successor, Christy Smith. Then a controversial lefty upended everything.
The Democratic congressional candidate has come under fire over comments he made about women in a series of blogs in the 2000s.
The media figure announced last month that he's running to fill the seat in California's 25th Congressional District vacated by Democratic Rep. Katie Hill.
Hill, who resigned from Congress earlier this year, said it's time for the public to stop pretending people don't take such photos.
“You’re not seen as a person anymore," Hill said, describing the "dehumanization" she experienced before her resignation.
Uygur said he was going to represent "people in a way that they have not seen before."