Katie Ledecky

The Olympic champion swimmer would rather be winning more gold medals at the postponed Tokyo Games, but this stunt will have to do.
She bested runner-up, Spain’s Mireia Belmonte, by a staggering 19 seconds in the 1500m free.
The 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo aims to be the most gender-balanced Olympics yet.
Seeing the way commentators and reporters have treated not just female gymnasts, but also swimmers, tennis players, judoka, and trap shooters in Rio, I realize I can't keep this particular brand of sexism from my daughters unless I keep them out of sports altogether.
“You know how to swim so good, like a fish. Oh my God ..."
It takes skills to make all of that gold look so good.
Katie Ledecky crushes the competition. She crushes her own records. She destroys world records. Everyone asks, "How does she do it?" She has nearly perfect form, with an imperfect body for swimming. She has great coaching. But the secret sauce is grit.
The pair re-created a 10-year-old photo with a major twist.