Katie Telford

He plans to move a motion of non-confidence this fall if his demands aren’t met.
Both the prime minister and his chief of staff suggested they didn’t believe there was a conflict.
The prime minister said he “deeply” regrets how the controversy has unfolded.
The prime minister’s chief of staff Katie Telford will also answer MPs’ questions Thursday.
More than seven MPs suggested Joly was lying.
“I think this was one of the more scripted summits in recent history."
"We welcome all of you."
“He is not afraid to walk into the lion’s den.”
Former PMO spent a total of $324K on relocation expenses between 2006 and 2015.
"Shocking to everybody. True. But not material."
We decided early on that, while we would of course ensure we had messaging towards youth across the country, and support young campaigners in constituencies nationwide, our focus had to be tailored to where we could be most effective. We decided to focus our efforts organizing constituencies with campuses.
The two met while Telford ran the debating club at the University of Ottawa, at a time when Butts had won two consecutive
"We had a plan and we stuck with it."