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After you've employed the service of a top-notch stylist, what then? What sums it up? Nobody wants to drop a Helen Mirren on the red carpet or have Twitter buzz with disgust because you struck the wrong pose.
It's not exactly in Paris proper but in the close suburbs of the capital. The shocking view of the stark buildings is in wild contrast with the rest of the surrounding architecture.
The World Post
The series author, Suzanne Collins, says she was inspired by her father to teach young people about war and peace. Surely
It really would be a major spoiler if I said this too plainly. But trust me, by the end of the latest Mockinjay film Part II, it's stunningly obvious Katniss Everdeen sure knows the difference between half-human and whole.
When carbs are your boyfriend.
"She doesn’t want to be a symbol. She doesn’t want to lead. And she has no special powers."
It's not really a princess rap battle if neither competitor is a princess.
Ladies and gentlemen, here's your future No. 1 song.
Excuse us while we go drown our emotions in a box of tissues.
GPS for the Soul
Today, you can begin to create the moral hero within who will act fast and instinctively tomorrow. Or you can deepen and reinforce the good tendencies you already have. It's up to you.
We need girls and boys to see women leaders and heroes as the norm. Although they are few, the three heroines I have in mind are powerful examples of female leadership. So who are these three fictional heroines and what what can they teach current and future female leaders?