Katy Tur

Jeffrey Myers called on leaders to behave with more civility.
But Rep. Adam Kinzinger also told MSNBC host Katy Tur that Democrats and Republicans weren’t “using the right language" to communicate.
The president often leaps to the defense of men when they're accused by women.
Meanwhile, MSNBC broadcaster Katy Tur already has a "Space Force" theme song.
The NBC host called out the president over his statements on Roy Moore.
He didn't mean to suggest anyone should attack the journalist, a spokeswoman said.
You see it on the front page of The New York Times, live on NBC and across the spectrum: reporters, not commentators or columnists, calling out Donald Trump for lying.
I find myself afraid of what might follow if Donald Trump actually wins in November, and equally fearful of what might follow if he loses. I recall no such fears in 2012, or in 2008, or even in the tightly-fought presidential election that Al Gore lost to George W. Bush.
Trump is the candidate of fear and anger. He has sought to divide the country into winners, those who support him, and losers
Tur had also dated Olbermann, although Mediaite reports that the pair split over a year ago. "The first time I spoke to this
Tur's dad, Bob Tur, is a legendary Los Angeles helicopter reporter. On Friday, Bettes interviewed Tur about her feelings