Kay Ivey

The lawsuit alleges that fast food companies and local governments benefit from an illegal “labor trafficking scheme.”
GOP Gov. Kay Ivey replaced the official for using a teacher training book she claimed has “woke concepts” because it talks of inclusion for all families.
Gov. Kay Ivey asked for no new executions until an investigation can be completed.
An aide told The Wall Street Journal that the park picked for Trump's July Fourth rally doesn't allow partisan events and Ivey had nothing to do with it.
The state that recently led the country in COVID-19 deaths wants to spend its pandemic relief funds on incarceration instead.
Gov. Kay Ivey also called out right-wing media disinformation about the vaccine.
And pistols are perfectly acceptable for those with permits.
The situation in Alabama has deteriorated over the past 14 days, The Associated Press found.
The state executed Nathaniel Woods, 43, after unsuccessful appeals from supporters who said Woods was innocent.
GOP Gov. Kay Ivey said, "I'm not that person" anymore, referring to her performance in a minstrel show during college.