They were headed for the International Space Station when the booster rocket failed mid-air.
The Kazakh native was a bronze medalist at the 2014 Winter Olympics.
Only five passengers managed to escape the burning vehicle.
A State Department foreign service officer shares the story that broke her heart.
Cross posted from UN Women. Dina Smailova, survivor of gang rape, decided to break her silence 25 years after the attack
This month, Kazakhstan kicked off Astana Expo 2017, the first international exposition to be held in the former Soviet Union
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Nurseit Niyazbekov, KIMEP University Until the mid-2000s, one would rarely associated the word “high-tech” with the country
The outcome in Kazakhstan's nasty campaign was a victory for journalists and dissidents who have made a conscious decision
The Trump administration didn't send any representatives to the peace talks.
Bakoyev and Talgat were arrested following large-scale land protests in the country in April and May. Normally very cautious
Our annual, international Fellowship is open to anyone aged 28 - 108 years old. We gather change-makers -- a business person
In many parts of the world, ballot boxes are routinely stuffed, opposition parties silenced and voters intimidated.
Kazakhstan made it in the news this week. After spending 115 days at the International Space Station, three astronauts—including