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This channel is for anyone who loves food and and how to cook from student's to someone preparing for marriage or even if
Brownies, cookies, gummy candies -- it's all fair game for skewering.
Summer and skewers go hand-in-hand, so put one of these crowd-pleasing kebab recipes on your next party menu. Food is just more fun when it's served on a stick.
Your first grilling experience may well have taken place on a hibachi. (Hey, you never forget your first time.)
There's one wildly popular international street food that's yet to crack the American market: the doner kebab.
These are perfect for outdoor entertaining.
Popsicles on a scorching hot day, corndogs at the state fair, marshmallows roasted over a bonfire. Nothing says summer like food on a stick.
Majestic Islamic gates announce entry into another world of small lanes and decaying palaces. The Bara Imambara is an architecturally ambitious tomb of a Shiite man that incorporates a mosque and gardens.
We're skewering everything from salads to snacks, main courses to dessert.