Keep Austin Weird

With the exponential growth of music festival culture comes its exponential evolution. Organizing these events, whether big or small, is no easy feat, and many festivals are extremely eco-conscious, emphasizing the "leave-no-trace" philosophy.
Austin is an endless visual feast with so much to do that I shudder to think what would have happened to me if I had no imagination, no guts and no vision of how I wanted to live for the rest of my life.
Austin is a creative, constantly evolving city. Everything you've heard about it is true. With vibrant entertainment and culture, inspiring cuisine and stunning outdoor settings, Austin lets you create a soundtrack all your own.
Austin's strange mixture of cultures and ideologies, at what I'll call its early stages, plays out in funny ways.
Austin is home to some of the country's most bizarre folks. No other time than during the SXSW festival is this most apparent.
Politically, Austin is liberal. The blue dot in a sea of red can mostly be attributed to the massive student population from
When the City of Austin asked its citizens to help rename Solid Waste Services, the people made their voices heard: An overwhelming
It's held every year at the end of September. The first one was in 2005, and basically, it's a celebration of all the "nerd