Ke$ha photos

The 26-year-old singer has been quite busy lately, sharing barely-clothed images of herself on Instagram. She first posted a photo of herself with her back arched against a wall and her bum exposed, and later posted another photo of herself in a white crop top that barely covered her breasts.
The "Animal" singer was spotted looking fresh-faced Monday, as she left the Bowery Hotel in New York City. More importantly
"Animal" pop star Ke$ha showed us her stripes -- and a lot more -- on Instagram last night. The singer shared a scantily
In a recent interview with HuffPost Celebrity, the energetic star further discussed her preferred form of cardio. "I can
"Going to their office was like a crazy playground for me – so many fun stones and colors and weird objects. We just sat
"There's me making out with dudes, me crying, me onstage and me offstage," Ke$ha admitted. "You see me with no makeup, with
The 26-year-old singer made our heads turn on Saturday by stripping down her typically ambitious getups in favor of a near
In a bold interview with Seventeen magazine, pop star Ke$ha says that she is attracted to both men and women. "I don't love
The queen of glitter, face paint and vomit certainly cleans up well. Who would have known? Ke$ha looks absolutely lovely