Keiser University

Now that former Trump University pitchman Donald Trump is the president of the United States, his Secretary of Education
For some people engaged in the world of higher education politics, watching Arthur Keiser ascend the dais at a Washington
The struggle is far from over to make higher education a place where student and taxpayer interests are placed at the forefront, where honest and effective education enterprises reap the greatest rewards, and where greedy and duplicitous operators are shown the door.
APSCU is trying to show in public that the sector is working to clean up its act, with a booklet advising recruiters to provide students with "clear and accurate information." But, as we've come to expect, APSCU has no shame.
What the rest of us should worry about is the prospect of for-profit college executives, who have gotten rich by peddling a toxic mix of deceptive recruiting, low-quality programs, and sky-high prices, taking the helm of tax-exempt charities that are supposed to serve the public interest.
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