Keith Alexander

Ben Wizner is busy. He directs the ACLU's Speech, Privacy, and Technology Project and is part of Edward Snowden's legal team. On November 2 at 7:30 pm, Wizner will speak at Lake Forest College.
It's as close to a whistleblowing cage match as we're going to get...
Alexander and Dowd have jointly filed patents based on technology they developed while at the NSA. Alexander said the cybersecurity
This configuration of secrecy and political connections is ideal for cashing in. In a field with billions of dollars in public money, no oversight and a corner on the expertise, Ridge, like Chertoff, Hayden and Alexander, is well-positioned to convert government funds into private profit.
If you watched this drama closely, you surely noticed how narrowly we conceptualize corruption in America. In effect, general influence peddling and election purchasing, which we see more commonly, are legitimate.
Corporate America and the intelligence community promote a panicked militaristic national mood because it justifies both government secrecy and huge taxpayer outlays for defense.
But those attacks may pale in comparison to "the next wave of attacks in the near-medium term" that could be far more destructive
Alexander, who has repeatedly warned of the financial industry's vulnerability to state-sponsored cyber attacks, recently
So Keith Alexander, the General who managed the National Security Agency's (NSA's) wholesale surveillance of Americans and the rest of the world, headed through Washington DC's revolving door last month. His calendar is filling up rapidly, too, despite his pricey rates.
We need help, George, penetrating acronyms of government gone wild of spies and lies and the madness.
Several email exchanges between General Keith Alexander and Google exec. Sergey Brin reveal the close relationship between the tech giant and the NSA.
The folks at "60 Minutes" could clearly learn a thing or two from John Oliver. The former "Daily Show" correspondent interviewed
"Well we're not," Alexander told Fox News. "So he can now go back to writing emails." Carter told NBC's Andrea Mitchell on
So what gives? Why has one of the most revered news operations -- a program that has won more Emmy Awards than any other TV news organization -- turned its back on the kind of shoe-leather investigative reporting that has earned it a record-setting audience?
Director of the National Security Agency Gen. Keith Alexander doesn't believe amnesty is the answer to ending Edward Snowden's
Two administration officials confirmed that the discussions about the split are nearing a critical stage. They spoke on condition
Snowden leaked classified documents to The Washington Post and The Guardian in June detailing the agency's telephone and
In the past few days, U.S. officials say, a panel of former officials and experts set up by Obama to review NSA operations