keith richards

The rock icon said he "didn't want to start complaining," but called one musical style "rubbish" in an interview with The Telegraph.
“Long may we keep saying this to each other: Happy birthday!” the Rolling Stones guitarist said in a tweet to his longtime bandmate.
"You picked up on that, huh?" band member Keith Richards told the Los Angeles Times.
The 1974 recording of "Scarlet" is finally getting its due.
The new Stones song, “Living in a Ghost Town,” features lyrics like “I’m going nowhere/Shut up all alone/So much time to lose/Just staring at my phone.”
The legendary band comes out for international "One World: Together at Home" concert to honor frontline workers amid COVID-19 crisis.
“Now America has to get rid of him. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!”
Let's just say he's not betting on her longevity in the music business.
Pallenberg appeared in films like "Candy," "Barbarella" and "Mister Lonely."