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Anna Quindlen, on tour with her new novel Miller's Valley, sat down for a rollicking interview with author Kelly Corrigan
Kelly Corrigan shares in her memoir how she learned life lessons on the other side of the planet that made her realize how special her mother is. Almost like Dorothy waking up at home in the Wizard of Oz, Corrigan finds that sharing her love with a family in Sydney allows her to let in the love of her own.
Kelly Corrigan joins HuffPost Live to offer some tips on parenting, stress reduction and overall success at life.
Glitter and Glue starts out with the assertion, so familiar to all daughters, that we only understand our mother's influence -- and brilliance, and love -- once we are out of their shadow, and with time.
Kelly Corrigan joined HuffPost Live to talk parenting, stress reduction and success. See what she had to say... The essay
It's one thing to long for life in the operating room or infusion chair. It's another to feel, in the middle of our nothing
My mother is now 93, with all her marbles intact. She spends her time on the computer and she's been places on the Web I've never thought to go. She's pretty much memorized the Wall Street Journal before I wake up. Find something cool for her-- why not? My mother's life experience suggests that moms aren't what they used to be. Which makes gifting more difficult on Mother's Day-- or any day.
My resistance started to crumble when Corrigan began to write about her Stage 3 breast cancer, which kills 4 of every 10
Popular Huff Post blogger Ann Naylor (bio here) wrote: my spiritual family, a collection of people who would never join anything
In a time where stories about dysfunctional families rule, author Kelly Corrigan has pulled away from the pack and written a love letter to her family.