Kelly Cutrone

The TV personality, who's appeared on "The Hills" and "America's Next Top Model," is the 12th woman to accuse Simmons of sexual misconduct.
2. Cutrone is not friends with Bravo. After making big waves on MTV, Cutrone felt that she had no control over her Bravo
The brassy fashion vet also takes issue with the amount of time the "SATC" ladies spent dwelling on their love lives. "No
Kelly Cutrone is not exactly known for keeping opinions to herself. But for someone who works so closely with aspiring supermodels
Cutrone became known in the fashion industry for her no-bullsh*t approach, fondness for donning head-to-toe black and lack
All the judges had answered the question constantly stressing that it isn't whether the model is a female or a male but how
Alas, we suppose this can be added to the list: Show producer People's Revolution has severed their contract with South African
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