Kelly Marie Tran

The actress had previously endured a deluge of racist and sexist comments over her role in "The Last Jedi."
Half of the negative tweets studied, including those attacking Tran, were “politically motivated or not even human.”
The New York Times ran a caption from a "photo wire service" that confused the two women.
Tran recently wiped her Instagram account after months of online harassment.
“This is what it is to grow up as a person of color in a white-dominated world," the "Star Wars" actress wrote.
The two Asian-American women wore periwinkle dresses to the Oscars -- but they do not look alike.
Asian-Americans praised her for supporting those in her community as well as representing them onscreen.
The actress paid homage to her immigrant parents in a heartfelt post on Instagram.
The franchise announced the casting news, and dropped some behind-the-scenes footage.