kelsey grammer

The "Frasier" star would have "happily" gone on about backing Trump but publicists shut down the interview, radio presenter Justin Webb said.
“I am so sad and so grateful for all the times she made me laugh,” said Ted Danson, who starred with Alley in the classic sitcom.
"I honestly shouldn't have tried to help," the actor, daughter of "Frasier" star Kelsey Grammer, told People magazine.
The actor, who has been vocal about wanting to revive the series, hinted that the Paramount+ incarnation will focus on the "next chapter" of his iconic character.
The Kelsey Grammer-led series set the stage for "Will & Grace" in its nuanced take on queer issues, writer Matt Baume notes.
Who misses "Dawson's Creek"-era Katie Homes and James Van Der Beek?
"Frasier and Roz start a podcast network, 'The Fraz,' but they run into financial trouble because Frasier is ethically opposed to doing Squarespace ads."
The "Frasier" star offers a poignant tribute to the actor who died Sunday.