Over the past few years, the artistic talent and creative drive has been on the rise in North Jersey. Young filmmakers are producing high quality content with nothing more than a few pieces of necessary production equipment and some passion to bring stories to life through picture and sound.
Fresh off of GQ's alarming interview with "Human Barbie," Valeria Lukyanova, the magazine's website posted quotes from a brief interview with Human Ken, Justin Jedlica.
Elf on the Shelf Is fine for the young. Tracking his movements Is plenty of fun. You once had a husband, But he was no help
What do Arab men want? Well, I spent two weeks asking every single Arab man I met that question.
Did you have any other influences (aside from Barbie, obviously) for the shoot? My daughters inspired both of my recent projects
On the morning of my seventh birthday my hands trembled as I tore the wrapping paper from a big box. Dad was beaming with the sort of smile that meant I was about to be spoiled rotten. Finally, I thought, a friend for my Barbie Nurse with her crisp, white cap and hot water bottle.
Until now, I have not written about Whitney Houston, largely because so many others have. However, when I learned that Los Angeles radio hosts, John and Ken of KFI AM 640 had referred to Ms. Houston as a "crack ho", I could not remain silent.
Artist Daena Title plays with Barbies. Unlike Barbie's key demographic, she is not a young girl trying on new outfits or setting up yet another date with Ken.
On VH1's Price of Beauty, women in Marrakech pointed out that you can be sexy with just your eyes. It's the anti-Victoria Secret approach to seduction.
I imagine manufacturers' warehouses full of defective appliances awaiting shipment to Eastern Europe where many customers haven't yet a clue they're supposed to be king. Does this, in fact, happen?