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An unsettling cash phenomenon happened in the art world just two weeks ago, when a gigantic pile of money exchanged hands between two major American art philanthropists. A $500 million dollar pile, to be precise.
If you didn't like the way the CEO class used their huge political donations and fleet of lobbyists to manipulate the economic rules last time, wait until you see what they've cooked up now.
The New York Times reported yesterday that Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner's chief political backer, Ken Griffin, made $1.3 billion last year as manager of the hedge fund Citadel Capital. Griffin made as much personally as 26,000 average Americans making the median wage.
All of this has been a boon to many financial investors. It just so happens that many of Emanuel’s Republican backers are
Crowell added that Emanuel has "devastated neighborhoods by closing down 50 schools, closing mental health centers all while
Bruce Rauner may think that he is auditioning for a spot on the 2016 GOP ticket or a cabinet post in a Bush, Walker or Christie administration. In fact he could easily become the national symbol of the trickle down economic theory that has failed to produce benefits for everyday Americans.
Because of the new rules, individual members of Congress are likely also feeling pressure to raise more money through their
For the entire 2014 election cycle leading up to September, pro-Democratic groups reported spending more than $65 million
Below are the 20 top billionaire donors to these committees for the 2014 election, so far: 20) Marc Rowan, New York: $256,600
Steyer has been used in attack ads hitting Democrats, much like the Koch brothers are being linked to Republican candidates
It's not as though Rauner was strapped for campaign cash. In fact, Rauner, a wealthy equity executive who lives in the tony
There's a battle royale raging in Chicago. It pits hedge funds, the Chicago financial exchanges, real estate interests and Mayor Rahm Emanuel on the one side, against public employee unions and community groups on the other.
The decision, written by Chief Justice John Roberts, ended longstanding aggregate limits on campaign contributions, which
The ensuing four years have seen significant changes to the way campaigns are funded, and an increase in influence for big
Forbes magazine recently released its annual list of the 400 wealthiest people in America. We took a look at the members
The list remained largely unchanged from last year's lineup, with several moguls shifting spaces, mostly falling further
Thanks to Citizens United and other recent rulings, the nation’s ultra-wealthy have a lot more latitude than they did a few
We won't solve our economic problems with more influence from people who are able to hire lobbyists or write checks to candidates or super PACs. We'll solve them with more influence from more everyday Americans.