ken lerer

"Our whole thing is you don't have to spend a lot to be cool."
I have attended and written about many conferences, and whatever the subject, they all seem to follow the same format -- speeches by famous coaches, former presidents and great athletes, all who have been paid enormous amounts of money for their time. I didn't realize an alternative existed until I attended The Nantucket Project
2011-11-29-20111107bothsidesnow.jpgArianna and Ron Reagan discuss what's wrong with Washington as seen through Leibowich's #1-selling This Town: Money/media insiders? Radical right who hate Obama and government? Can Bezos's money & tech be a WashPo life-preserver? And did you know about Orion's big supernova?
Our story begins late last week when I got a tweet from @AlphaInvictus telling me to go check Read more on NSFWCorp
We all know Arianna Huffington is being paid $315 million for her business, and is now the boss at the company that wrote
Ken Auletta at the New Yorker is saying that the AOL acquisition of the HuffPost is Tim Armstrong's "Hail Mary" pass for AOL. I say this is a "Hail Arianna" pass that will be caught.
WATCH: There are an estimated 27 million small businesses in the United States. And 27 Million and Counting is our attempt
Journalism isn't in jeopardy; it's just in another transition to a new and better place. And as long as the public puts a premium on quality information and analysis -- and the public always will -- journalism will thrive.
Lerer said, "Traditional media outlets could have developed online," but four things came together creating what he termed the "perfect storm."