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Ken Mehlman saying sorry for the "Southern Strategy" now feels quaint.
Events in South Carolina over the past two weeks have demonstrated that the racially-targeted political strategy that Richard Nixon set in motion to assure his own electoral victory fifty years ago remains deeply ingrained in the GOP.
Those who were on the other side of the fight aren't so quick, however, to let bygones be bygones. On MSNBC Friday, former
The omissions in the book are certainly egregious. But throwing Roberta Kaplan and Edie Windsor under the bus while comparing Chad Griffin to a woman who refused to sit at the back of the bus is truly horrendous.
When your premise is that the marriage equality revolution began in 2008, that the movement was only then re-branded around
We can assume that we are not as far along as we would be in the effort to provide equality if Mehlman, Rove, Bush, and McKinnon were as interested in their country as they were their own craven self interests and ambitions for power and money. Forgive them if you wish. I cannot.
"I think the Republican Party is a diverse party with lots of different views, and I think it's a mistake to presume that
As the Prop 8 case finally reached the Supreme Court on Tuesday, AFER took a camera crew along to document all the behind-the-scenes excitement. The result: an exclusive inside look as the Prop 8 plaintiffs, attorneys, and board finally reached the Supreme Court.
For the first time in decades -- perhaps since his father denounced Ronald Reagan's voodoo economics in the 1980 primaries -- the old Republican playbook has run its course. In the chaos of today's GOP, Jeb Bush can actually write his own script.
Eric Resnick did not want to ask the question. He felt an obligation, though, because other reporters were avoiding the subject. They ought to have long ago confronted Ken Mehlman about the contradictions between his politics and his personal life.
Clarification: An earlier version of this story stated that Mehlman was not aware of his sexual orientation when he was working
"If you think about it, had he been 10 years younger and not had a heart condition, it's possible the Republican Party would
That swing of public opinion is a contrast to the much slower timing of past civil rights struggles, and explanations are open for debate. But more than a few have attributed the acceptance to entertainment.
It's true that conservatives ought to embrace same-sex marriage, and their recent support has been hugely helpful. But it's one thing to say same-sex marriage is consistent with conservative values, and quite another to claim it as a conservative cause.
It was not long after the election that elder statesmen of the G.O.P. began offering assurances that all would soon be right
A year and a half after former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney pledged to oppose efforts to legalize same-sex marriage
"Conservatives -- and I count myself as one -- succeed when we attract new supporters to timeless traditions," he wrote in
"I think it's going to be tremendously hurtful," Neily said when asked the effect of failing to embrace the freedom to marry
As support for marriage equality has grown, more and more public figures who previously opposed it have decided that it is now safe to "come out" for it. The question now facing our community is whether we forgive them.