ken paxton

Paxton said the "suspicious and erratic" process server is lucky he didn't get hurt.
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) headed to Utah as widespread blackouts across the Lone Star State left millions without power in freezing temperatures.
State attorneys general led by Texas' Ken Paxton parroted Trump's claim that the FBI "ransacked" his home in search of classified documents.
The White House called it "unthinkable" that Texas' attorney general "would sue to block women from receiving life-saving care in emergency rooms."
“Obviously we have to do more," Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said, before suggesting schools be "hardened" to prevent attacks.
Bush tried hard to run away from his family name, but it wasn't enough.
Continuing his transphobia, Ken Paxton intentionally misgendered HHS Assistant Secretary Rachel Levine for being honored as "woman of the year."
Amid unprecedented attacks, including harassment from state officials, many families are dreading the next knock on the door.
Paxton failed to get 50% of the vote and will face off against Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush, a scion of the Bush political dynasty.
Gov. Greg Abbott wants child protective services to treat gender-affirming treatments as abuse and mandate that others report it or face criminal charges.