ken paxton

For the second time, and despite questionable legal authority, Ken Paxton is seeking medical records from providers that are not based in Texas.
A lawsuit by a Seattle hospital says Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton asked for records regarding gender-affirming treatment potentially given to children from Texas.
"She’s been in and out of the emergency room and she couldn’t wait any longer," one of her advocates said.
The Texas Supreme Court has put on hold a judge’s ruling that approved an abortion for a pregnant woman whose fetus has a fatal diagnosis.
Ken Paxton is trying to get the state's Supreme Court to stop a woman's abortion.
The Texas Republican was suspended for four months while the state Senate decided the fate of his career.
On Friday, the jury of 30 senators deliberated for about eight hours but did not emerge for what will be a historic vote.
Texas' Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton was impeached on corruption allegations.
An impeachment trial for the suspended Republican began in the state Senate Tuesday.
The impeachment trial exposed splinters in the Texas Republican party even before it began.