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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has been making a big deal about election fraud cases, but his office hasn't been able to show much.
The measure leaves it to houses of worship to determine their own rules on concealed weapons.
A closer look at election fraud cases Attorney General Ken Paxton resolved in 2018 suggests many of them were minor.
The San Antonio City Council voted this month to block the opening of the chicken chain in an airport, calling out its anti-LGBTQ stance.
The committee wants to know more about a controversial effort to review the voter rolls in Texas and a decision to move a polling place in Kansas.
GOP efforts to codify the disastrous investigation would also likely spur lawsuits.
58 people in one Texas county received two letters regarding a request for citizenship information.
“That’s inaccurate at this point. None of that has been proven,” a local election official said.
Texas officials said 95,000 non-citizens may be on voter rolls, but that number is suspect.
Opponents dismissed the lawsuit from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, based on a Republican-backed law, as a “publicity stunt.”
Rosa Maria Ortega's case illustrates the enormous discretion that prosecutors have in how harshly they pursue voter fraud.
Ken Paxton says he’s watching out for parental rights by intervening in a lawsuit over a student who refused to stand.
Justin Nelson is benefiting from a motivated base and an indicted opponent.
Attorney General Ken Paxton has been calling for more people to bring guns into houses of worship.
Trump has caved, fulfilling a central campaign promise to his white-nationalist base.
Meet the man who’s leading the charge against DACA. No, I don’t mean President Donald Trump. I mean Ken Paxton, the Texas