Ken Starr

During President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, his lawyers denied he abused his power and said the Senate should care more about looking into Joe and Hunter Biden.
MSNBC's "Morning Joe" host reserved particular scorn for Ken Starr.
"Does Ken Starr know he is Ken Starr?" one person fired back at President Donald Trump's impeachment trial defense lawyer.
The MSNBC host says the president's legal team botched the job in a big way during its impeachment defense.
The lawyer who recommended the impeachment of Bill Clinton spoke to senators as part of Donald Trump's defense team.
“It is infuriating that these three men are allowed to show their faces in polite society," said the "Full Frontal" host.
Trump called Starr "a lunatic" and "terrible" in a 1999 interview.
President Donald Trump’s legal team for his upcoming impeachment trial includes controversial defense attorney Alan Dershowitz and Ken Starr.
“This is definitely an ‘are you f**king kidding me?’ kinda day.”
The Fox News anchor rejected Ken Starr's argument that the case against the president is "narrow."